Cover art: Norah Lovell, “Battle of New Orleans: After Magafan.” Gouache on panel.
Cover design: Susan Pearce Design

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Praise for this body/that lightning show:

Elizabeth Gross cast spells based in the old magic of observation in this body/that lightning show. Each poem depends on a rhythm of its own, a music that is hypnotic in its ability and its reach.  As a poet chronicling the life of the South, Gross asks for us a new set of questions about what kind of place can constitute a home.  This is a book of urgency written for “those counting seconds/before thunder.”

-Jericho Brown, author of The Tradition

this body/that lightning show is a book of devastation and catastrophe, but also of beautifully calibrated, precise description in which the destruction of Atlantis and New Orleans resonate off each other. Her world is a mythic world but registered in a virtuosic plain style that is subtle, understated, and passionately faithful in its textures to the local world of her neighborhood, her own damaged family home, and the collective fate of New Orleans. You could call her a classicist, but her classicism is the kind that sees the wildness and strangeness in human behavior with a wise tough eye, an admirable moral restraint, and a deep compassion and affection for human contradiction. This is one of the finest first books I’ve ever read.   

-Tom Sleigh, author of Space Walk and Station Zed

Under the influence of Sappho and Sylvia Plath, in the spirit of Anne Carson and C.D. Wright, Elizabeth Gross’ first collection ceaselessly and successfully angles for an accurate, embodied, vision of disaster, loss, and survival. Facing “a problem of memory,” which is also “a problem of address,” the lyric speaker interrogates the meaning of place while haunting the site of trauma—historical and contemporary—bringing the poet’s gaze to bear on trouble and sorrow, bringing, that is, the gaze of the one who neither denies failure nor lets go of the power to imagine a better, more loving future for all of us.  I am moved by these lucid, vivid, poems which balance intimacy with deep wisdom: this book will help to keep us alive through what is on us now and what is coming—“let it happen to me,” the poet says, “all of it”!

-Laura Mullen, author of Enduring Freedom and Dark Archive


DEAR ESCAPE ARTIST, now available from Antenna is a collaboration with artist Sara White, in the form of unanswered fan mail to an unnamed escape artist accompanied by Sara’s beautiful, spare drawings in loose ink. All 200 in the edition are hand bound by the artists with letterpress printed covers.

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You can see more of Sara’s beautiful work on her website: